What is InterX therapy?

What is InterX therapy?

InterX therapy uses neurostimulation technology to relief pain and treat different medical conditions.
InterX devices are effective for:
-Acute and chronic pain relief and activating motion in treated areas
-Neuropathic and nociceptive pain
-shorter rehabilitation time after acute trauma and sports injuries
InterX devices carry European CE mark and recognised by FDA in US as a pain management device.
In InterX Benelux Clinics patients with these problems have been treated and being treated so far:
Muscle pain
Nerve pain
Nerve numbness
Chronic or acute pain especially headaches, backaches, shoulder pain, leg pain, wrist pain, hand and finder movement problems, knee and hip pain
Sleep Disorders
Balance disorders
Neck pain
Bowel movement problems
Carpal tunnel problems
Muscle spasms
Speech problems
Fatigue and nausea
General tiredness
Spine problems
For more information please contact one of our clinics. info@interxbenelux.nl

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